What did I do in 2022?

Making a New Year’s Resolution lost its appeal for me years ago. For me, resolutions feel confining but imagining feels freeing. In the second half of my life, I approached the new year by imagining: thinking and writing about things I’d like to increase, decrease, or eliminate in my life. Picturing how doing those things would look if they were incorporated into my days. New Year’s Eve is the day I look back to see how I did. Maybe this will inspire you to do the same!

 I read 25 books this year, up from 15 in 2021. Here’s a couple of favorites that I recommend:

Intentionally spent way more time with friends outside of the church.

Increased my energy. Regulated my sleep. Experimented with routines and invited the most lifegiving ones to move in.

Started the Morning Prayer Café online with the help of Rob Irons and The Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals[i]. A group of 4-7 of us met a total of 254 times (at 9am) and I was present at 89% of those meetings.

Studied and practiced the art of meditation: I meditated for a total of 21 hours and completed three courses to learn to meditate more effectively.

Wrestled a couple of lingering health issues to the ground. Left them there.

Tripled the amount going into retirement savings.

Visited cousin Tamara in Detroit; went to the Thanksgiving parade.

Spontaneously went to Prades, France…to write…with writers from 7 different countries.

Presided at the wedding of Deb Metcalf & Justin Sears AND introduced them to Chase & Ashley over brunch!

Went to Trinity Days in Columbus, Ohio to reconnect with Imani O’Lear and hear her paradigm-shifting keynote address!


Walked with and without Nala for a total of 928 miles!

Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and went to see Les Miserable at The Fisher Theatre.

Resurrected Take Off Your Shoes and made plans to expand it in 2023!

If I had not looked carefully through my calendar, and someone would’ve asked me what I did in 2022, I likely would have replied, not too much. Looking at this list I think, this was a year of time, well-spent. Thank you to everyone who spent some of your precious time, with me.

2022 is in the books. 2023 is on deck. And I’m already imagining going to see the Tigers play in Detroit next year. It’s not a resolution, but it just could happen.

[i] By Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Enuma Okoro © 2010 Zondervan.