Something happened

by Desirée Uhrich

Something happened to me and I will never be the same. You know what happened, Lord. I don’t need to write it down. 

But I was broken, shattered, really – a ghost of my former self. And I prayed that you would heal my pain. I pray that you will heal my pain. 

It’s not gone, but its voice is no longer shrieking and threatening to tear my house down. Now pain speaks with its inside voice, but I still get an earful every single day. 

Lead me through this valley.

Deliver me from the pit.

Send your angels to tend me in the wilderness. 

Lord, I trust you. 

Help me to trust. 

My faith falters, and I sometimes wonder if you see me, if you hear my cries. 

Help me trust that joy comes with the morning. Help me trust that you will turn my mourning into dancing. Help me trust that you are my rock and refuge, my constant help in times of trouble. Help me trust that you are all I need. 

Help me trust. 

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