Congress: The Time is Now

If you asked the people of Santa Rosa–When they knew it was time to abandon their homes and escape the flames bearing down on their lives with a fierce focus and disturbing tenacity, they might have said, “when we could feel the heat.” So far, 29 people waited too long.

If you asked those who have had loved ones ripped from their lives from mass killings in this country since April 20th, 1999–When they knew it was time to work to address the issue of the mentally unstable having arsenals in the United States, they might have said, Before this tragedy occurred.

If you ask people in the United States when they will know that it is time to do something about the fact that our future is in the hands of  a president whose mission is vengeance, whose disposition is hostile, whose impulse control is non-existent, and whose connection to reality or any kind of moral compass is questionable–When it is time to limit his ability to cause irreversible damage to the lives of people the world over, they would say, Now.

The time is now.

Those who missed the window of Now in history, were unable to flee, or work for change, or derail an evil empire rising until after it had taken countless lives and caused unspeakable pain for entire generations.

Now has a short shelf-life.

Congress, you don’t need thousands of phone calls from your constituents on every single issue into which the president has injected his sadistic, reckless twist, to do the right thing, right now.

This is your moment. Please, just do it.