Domain Mapping

I’ve been getting this message for a couple of months that says my Domain Mapping needs to be renewed by August 24th or I’ll no longer have access to this blog and the website that bears my play-on-my-name:  At the same time, WordPress has sent me encouragements that I’m almost to my two-year goal of writing 65 posts.  I hit it with my last post, Coasting.  I was surprised at how good it felt to hit that number.

It’s not a LOT of money to renew this domain:  $26;  but it’s an odd thing to think about paying for on an already tight budget.

So in trying to decide if it’s worth it, I asked myself:  what do YOU enjoy about maintaining, however sporadically, Take Off Your Shoes?

And the first thing that came to mind was…YOU!  Blogging is a strange unstated-but-understood agreement between the one who writes and her readers.

When I started Take Off Your Shoes two years ago on August 24th, I had no idea what a life-sustaining experience it would be.

Your comments online and off have encouraged me.

Your dedication to actually reading my posts surprises and delights.

Your willingness to go with me to wherever the muse leads me is freeing.

It’s an interesting phrase:  Domain (I think of a place one sorta lives);  mapping (how you get to that place).

So you’ve been finding me where I live, online, baring my soul at times, making connections like a revealing  dot-to-dot drawing.

And you’ve needed this map to find me.

Heck, all too often, I’ve needed the map to find me!

At any rate, I suspect I’ll pony up and live at at least another year.

Happy Anniversary to us.  A writer and her readers.

It is so good to have you in my life.


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