Just tell ’em dammit!

So he says to me, “you haven’t updated Take Off Your Shoes” since Lent, and your followers need to know about your book.

Say I, “nah…they know about it…I don’t want to bore them and make every single thing I write about the book.”

Say he, “WHAT?!  They know about it…that it’s being WRITTEN.  They know that it’s COMING.  What do you mean you don’t want to write about the book…they expect it.  They WANT to KNOW!”

Say I, “I’ll think about it.”

So I did.

And maybe you do.

Though The Book has been taking up such a big piece of my own mind share and conversations that I can’t imagine you don’t know that…

Given Moments, the book I co-wrote with Tracy Lawson was published a week ago and is now available in paperback and as an e-book.  And yes I am thrilled.  It is selling well.  Reviews are so good  they are downright humbling.  It’s…okay.  It’s SUPER EXCITING!!

For more information or to order a copy, see our BLOG:  www.duquettelawson.com.

Say I to you:  If this is redundant information and you expect more from Take Off Your Shoes, please accept my apologies.

Say I to he:  There.  I did it.  I told them.

Say he:  Good.  It’s about time.

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  1. I just started reading it and it’s made me smile and tear up already….I’m savoring it! It’s a groovy read 🙂


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