Raising Half-Full Glasses

Anticipating…a conference tonight with a woman from church I’ve been yearning to know better.  We go to be inspired and

Cover of "Waking Ned Devine"

discover how to bring an arts ministry into our small but vital congregation.

St. Patrick’s Day I will eat my traditional annual Lucky Charms for breakfast and spend time planning a wedding with a young couple who are less than a month from taking their vows.  They are just two years into their love;  at the beginning of their journey together when the future holds nothing but possibilities.

I will make Emeril’s Kicked Up Grasshopper Pie to go with our traditional Reuben sandwiches and green beer.

We will watch Waking Ned Devine — an Irish fairy tale of the finest kind.  Shot in Ireland, the cast is made of the actual villagers in the small town in which it was filmed.

Perhaps I will paint a wall in the kitchen green.

I have been mired in reality enough to know that seeing my glass as half-full is to hang onto hope that today will bring with it as many blessings as curses.

I plan just enough and find great goodness in the ordinary.

And I count myself lucky indeed.

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  1. Love reading your posts! This one is too cute! I think I may adopt some of your traditions. They sound so Irish:)


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