Restored in Epiphany

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Such light…

Having my 2nd interview at a sweet little church on Sunday afternoon. Meeting with colleagues from all different faith’s for a monthly 3 hour gathering of prayer and spiritual direction led by Amanda Cushing. Looking forward to moving in with Tracy’s family here in Bexley this summer so we can put our synergy to a good use and enjoy the rhythm of our lives together. Eager to see Keri more often just because we have such a straight-up and rare friendship. Biding time in a continuum from productivity to relaxation with freestyle yoga to old rock music as punctuation marks. Having access to a freshly baked delight to go with my coffee six days a week by simply walking downstairs. Surviving just fine on considerably less money and possessions with a respectable assortment of blue jeans, scarves, and earrings. Waiting to hear from publishers on two books. Receiving people’s lists for the Life Unplanned project and taking off my shoes as I read the numbered moments of their lives. Getting Facebook and email and snail messages from folks all the time offering encouragement and support and love. Rested. Strong. Hopeful. At peace.

My Sweet Lord.


  1. I truly believe life’s greatest secret is to learn to live in joy. It is posssible to see joy, even feel it in yourself, perhaps recognize it, and yet deny it: with a hunched shoulder, a downcast mind, a flat voice, a look askance. You, dear Marie, have learned that secret and how to live it. Awesome, girl. Simply awessome.


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