On The Fly

Today I am entering into a creative cave with Chase and Tracy for 24 hours.  When we periodically get together to write, it is like kindling one great fire.  When we begin the embers glow, the red heat jumping delicately from twig to twig.  Eventually they begin to burn, the timber catches flame,  and soon there is a great warm fire that draws us into its magic.  We gather with our laptops in a small space usually, the better for ideas to boomerang.  We each have something we are working on and goal for that session.  We begin by talking nonsense, joking, going wayyyyyyy far off topic, then deciding it’s time for a snack!  But eventually, we weary of being silly, and one begins to pound the keyboard.  Then another.  Then the third.  As we type we may throw out to the group:  listen to this! or I think I will… or read that to me again…

It’s an interesting process because it doesn’t really matter if the questions thrown into the collective fire are answered or even heard.  We talk simultaneously at times, or not at all for long stretches.

But gathering to write seems to add a 4th presence to the room that urges us all forward.

It is hectic, like being in a room full of boomerangs.

It is frenzied, the tapping of the keyboard like miniature drums creating in rhythm.

It is full, the creativitity between us fills every space in the room so that when we DO move we forever fall OFF chairs and bump INTO corners, and laugh without ceasing.

It is satisfying.

I would normally not have written THIS today for my BLOG.  But yesterday my mom put me on notice saying, “no more of this skipping a day, we like your BLOG too much, you must write something every single day!”

So.  I apologize for the lack of creativity in this one…I need to enter the cave and be kindled.


  1. I can almost hear the different rhythms of the keyboards as each one starts another phrase of the creative writing song, as if in some kind of frenzied fugue. Creative? I think it was. Wisdom filled? Inspiring? I believe it could light a fire in others to get their creative juices flowing. Don’t sell yourself short when you take off your shoes!


  2. Fun! I used to write TV with a partner. We’d talk out the scene and start the dialogue, splitting up the characters between us. It was intense, Deadlines were looming. Sometimes the crew was shooting, or changing set ups. But usually we were a day or so ahead. Once, though, there was a continent between us and the set. We’d write, call in the lines which were mostly “fixes” and then write some more. After several hours of this, the assitant to the producer called to say they had wrapped for the day. My partner said, “That’s simply great!.” He pushed back from the typewriter, and walked across the patio to the pool. I thought he was going to test the temperature. But he was still into the script and he jumped in with his clothes on.


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