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A dear mentor, Spirit-sister, writer-friend of mine who has had a BLOG since the 80s, recently encouraged me about my writing and asked me to consider more clearly defining my audience.

Of course!  A journalism major — I knew I was forgetting something.

Who am I writing for?  Who is most likely reading this?  Who do I want to read this?

I’ve come up with a few ideas, but none of them is helping me to focus my writing, so I thought I’d ask you…the readers.

Here are some ideas about who might be in my audience.

  1. My family & friends (God love ’em!)
  2. The disenfranchised people of faith — people who want to believe, or do believe, and still want to be fed or be in the discussion, but have been turned away or have turned away from their religion or their church.
  3. Women who are sort of in the same place in life as me.
  4. People who think my type of humor is…funny (there’s a special place in heaven for you I am certain).
  5. Readers in general.  People who will read anything:  cereal boxes, the back of the q-tip container, and assorted labels included.

But none of those categories is defined enough to help me focus my writing.  So if you’re inclined to help me develop my trade,  please give me your thoughts on this:

Who IS my audience?  Why do you read my posts?

Who are you…I really wanna know!  (With apologies to Roger Daltry…)



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  1. I am already a faithful reader, Marie and very much enjoying it. I would say our lives have paralleled each others and diverged in other ways. But I count you as a good friend, and I absolutely love your sense of humor!!


  2. I enjoy your thought-provoking words. I am not sure just how many of your catergories I fit in? Your blog takes me away, even for a moment, from the work of the day. This is “stuff” I can take with me, and I appreciate it.


  3. I am # 1, 3, and 4 on your list. And you are brilliant and wickedly funny, which I appreciate. That’s why I read! 🙂


  4. I read because you write what I would if I were writing. Your humor is indeed wicked, your spirit runs deep, and your thoughts refreshing. Now who would read such stuff? 🙂


  5. Obviously I am biased but I read to connect to you, to smile, cry, think, examine, to go in another direction, to be distracted or to have your opinion, story reflect mine, to add to the deminsion of my life and my day-and I read becasue you happen to be a *+^%@#* good writer who continues to get better!!!


  6. All of the above. I follow a lot of blogs, most of them tech, political, or design based. The personal writings I’ve maintained relationships with because they have a voice that I can “hear” and consume effortlessly. In some ways they become my own alter voices, perfectly timed nudges, reminders, illumination assists . . .


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